Centre for Financial Innovation and Risk Management


CFIRM aims to enable the enhancement of research programs within established disciplines investigating financial innovation and risk management by facilitating the sharing of theoretical paradigms and methodologies, increasing exposure to international experts in the topics of concern, forging connections with external think tanks and universities specializing in risk management, and bringing regulators and practitioners together with academics. CFIRM's goal is to improve the capacity of financial firms and regulatory agencies to respond to new financial innovations and risk management strategies.

The Centre's status as an administrative and logistical hub allows for the consolidation of resources and the expansion of research projects beyond the scope of what can be organized within one discipline alone. The Centre is therefore uniquely equipped to ensure that research tasks are assigned to the most qualified individuals and to assemble teams to investigate problems which require collaborative efforts.

The goal of this interdisciplinary initiative is to build on the demonstrated strengths at Western University in the areas most relevant to the understanding and regulation of financial innovation and risk, with experts coming from the Department of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences, the Department of Economics, the Faculty of Law, and the Ivey Business School. The goals of CFIRM focus on three areas: teaching, research and outreach.