Centre for Financial Innovation and Risk Management


Master of Financial Economics (MFE)

The MFE is a 16 month interdisciplinary professional program supported by the Department of Economics, the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, the Faculty of Law, and the Ivey Business school. The MFE is designed to complement the research of the Centre for Financial Innovation and Risk Management (CFIRM). The MFE curriculum is designed for the diverse set of challenges posed by the current financial system.

The program breaks new ground by integrating courses in securities law, institutional finance, and the history of financial crises with the traditional core analytical training of an MA in economics and a rigorous treatment of finance theory and quantitative modeling. Students will learn to apply their knowledge, along with communication, management, and leadership skills, to navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern financial markets.

The MFE provides its graduates with the analytical and quantitative skills to pursue successful careers in finance with employers such as banks, investment banks, pension funds, hedge funds, private consulting firms as well as regulatory institutions. The four month internship is a required term of the MFE program and allows students to implement their skills and learn in a real-world setting.